Airport – Oudenaarde / Sportcenter Recrean

First Possibility: Public transport to Oudenaarde

Given the information we receive on the form (arrival time, arrival place), we will construct an 'optimal' travel schedule for you and give you all the necessary information concerning departure times of the trains and possible transfers.   

Second Possibility: You reserve a shuttle (link above)

Rates: Zaventem – Oudenaarde: 15 euro / person

Charleroi (Brussel South)– Oudenaarde: 20 euro / person

Lille (France, airport or railway station) - Oudenaarde: 15 euro:person

Oostende - Oudenaarde: 20 euro/person

Deurle (Antwerp) - Oudenaarde: 15 euro/person

For the Elite Players, this shuttle service is free of charge but reservation is required!!!!

The following rules will apply for the reservation:

The booking of the shuttle will only be valid if all required fields on the form are completed

Bookings are only registered for the person on the form (and the persons accompanying him/her as specified on the form)

Early reservation is recommended!!!! If the shuttle is overbooked, the organisation can still ask you to travel by public transport. We will therefore work with a first come, first served principle.

Bookings of the shuttle service after the 30rd of  May are not accepted. Players who book the shuttle too late have to organise their own travel plan.

Any questions about the shuttle or changes of bookings: Christophe

Shuttle Service during the tournament

Free Shutlle

Shuttle service between the accommodations and the sportcenter.

This shuttle service needs to be booked at the information desk.

Responsible: Christophe