Message of FIR president Duncan:

'I know everyone is very keen to hear news about the King of Rackets (KOR) tournament this year as it is undoubtedly a player’s favourite and has been for so many years.

We have been in regular contact with Hilde (KOR tournament director) who has explained that Jan Vercammen (owner of the Recrean sports centre for 33 years) has retired and sold Recrean to new owners, which has obviously meant that organizing the KOR has now become far more complex with many changes at the centre.

However, Jan is still involved with the squash club and the whole KOR team are still friends and in contact with each other – but with Jan not around this May, it has not been possible for them to organize a King of Rackets in 2022, but they are still all hopeful that KOR could return in 2023, as Hilde and the whole KOR team are very keen to see everyone back playing and enjoying themselves at Recrean again!'

(end of the quote)

Indeed, a lot has changed in the last 2 years and this was not only because of the world wide pandemic.

As Duncan said, the whole KoR team is still in touch and who knows what the future will bring. Hosting the King in 2022, won't be possible for several reasons but maybe we can come back in 2023. We will keep you posted and informed!

In the meantime, enjoy the Racketlon worldtour! It's good to see that the sport is slowly reopening and that new tournaments or joining the Racketlon community.

 Keep it safe and hope to see you all again in Oudenaarde or elsewhere!

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