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Last update: 28/04/2017

27th Edition

01 - 02 - 03 of June 2018


General rules of racketlon

  • You can find the general rules of racketlon (ranking, tournaments, draws, ...) on the webpage of the International Federation.

Specific for the King Of Rackets.

  • Because of the increasing interest in the doubles and the limitation in the courts of the sportcentre, we will try to limit the draws to 16 pairs/doubles category BUT there will be more categories played (Elite, B, C, ...).
  • If you want to play doubles, it will be necessary that you will be present at the venue between 10AM and 11.30AM on Friday the 1st of June.
  • We would like to have finished the doubles by Friday evening (with possible exception of the finals) so that the schedule of the singles won't be disrupted to much.
  • Hopefully we can count on your co√∂poration!

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