WC Doubles / 28th King Of Rackets

30-31 of May 2019 / 1-2 of June 2019

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Last update: 04/05/2019

How to register?

THe World Championchips and King Of Rackets are considered to e 2 seperate tournaments.

This means you have to register for both tournaments seperatly.

Both of the tournaments have the same procedure explained below.

Step 1

  • It is your first time you participate in an international tournament.
  • Go to: and follow the sign-up procedure (sign-up button in the right top corner)
  • You will be asked to pay the annual licence fee of 15€ during the procedure. This is an obligatory fee needed to be able to play international tournaments.

Step 2

  • Once you have your personal login, you can register for any international tournament
  • Registration WC Doubles
  • Regsitration King


  • Once you have registered, your name will not appear automatically within the participants. The tournament director has to upload your registration and publish it. If your name doesn't appear within the week, send a mail to Hilde to verrify your registration.
  • If you are familiar with tournamentsoftware and you have already made a personal login but for an other sport, you will still have to make a new login specific for racketlon.

Registration shuttleservice.

  • If you want to make a reservation for the shuttleservice, please fill in the form on our webpage.
  • Reservations by mail will not be taken in account.
  • Entry deadline: WC: Monday 6th of May King: Monday 20th of May.

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